Motorcycle Ear Plugs - Block Noise & Wind

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BEESWAX EARPLUGS: Easy to use, mouldable to the ear and fit perfectly under the helmet. Especially comfortable while riding short and long distances.

WIND & NOISE REDUCTION: Blocks out wind 100% and noise by sealing the ear canal totally while allowing car horns and emergency services to be heard.

CUSTOM SIZE EVERY TIME: All ear plugs are sized for adults; simply pinch off a smaller amount to fit in children's ears.


  • Especially re-usable with over 35+ wearings per pair. 
  • Mighty Plugs: "The Best Value in Motorcycle Ear Plugs."

Recent Testimonials

"I have been using your ear protection for the last two years and I believe them to be the best on the market. I've tried every type available, including custom made ear plugs. Nothing does a better job than your "World's Finest Earplugs"...they indeed live up to their name. I even managed to sleep under the flight path of East Midlands Airport during the British Moto GP."

Marc Millar - United Kingdom (England)

"Just a short word of thanks for supplying such a wonderful product. I was initially skeptical of buying a product from overseas, but with the relatively low price, I was willing to take a chance. Riding a motorcycle at freeway speeds created an enormous amount of wind noise around my helmet and my ears were starting to ring after long trips. Your product solved this problem nicely~~~So once again, my sincerest thanks and best wishes. Regards"

Tim Uidam - Australia

"I have been wearing this product for over 5 years and found it and the company to be first rate. The product works great. I would not think of riding without it. "

Gunter Ludwigsonmer - Germany

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