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Mighty Plugs are the #1 selling noise and water blocking earplugs worldwide. Made with natural ingredients, they comfortably fit any size of ear. Perfect for sleeping, swimming, work, and life.

Reasons Why You Should...
Mighty Plugs Sleeping Earplugs
The Best Sleep You'll Get.
Mighty Plugs anti-snore earplugs block all noises in the night, not just snoring. Whether you sleep on your side or back, they comfortably stay secure in your ear. Our natural ingredients make the earplugs moldable to fit any ear size.

  • Easily moldable to fit any ear
  • Stays in ear all night long
  • Soft & Comfortable material
Mighty Plugs Swimming Earplugs
100% Waterproof. Keeps Ears Dry.
Mighty Plugs 100% waterproof earplugs effectively blocks all water from reaching your ears. Made from pure beeswax, they stay securely in the ear at all times. They're easily moldable and comfortably fit any ear size.

  • 100% Waterproof material
  • Securely fits ear canal
  • Reusable & long lasting
Mighty Plugs Kids Earplugs
Kid-Friendly Ear Protection.
Mighty Plugs uses all-natural ingredients to keep your child's skin and ears safe. Our earplugs effectively block all noises and water from damaging your kid's ears. Their soft and moldable material makes them comfortably fit any ear size.

  • All-Natural safe ingredients
  • Soft & Comfortable material
  • Easily fits any ear size
What Our Worldwide Customers Say
"B.P., THANK YOU!!!! I am a swimmer and have been for 30 years, 60 minutes a day. I have suffered through (swimmer's ear) numerous times; sometimes with considerable pain. Your ear plugs are a wonder! With all the hype that surrounds most products, one becomes numb to most claims, but you indeed make "the BEST ear plugs in the world", and I THANK YOU"
- Peter Bice - USA
"These ear plugs are brilliant. I live in an area with busy traffic and they completely block out the noise of it. I have already recommended the ear plugs to other friends who are having problems sleeping because of noise. I'm also using them for swimming and they are just as effective keeping water out of my ears and are much more comfortable than the usual ear plugs for swimming. Thank You. Wow, Mighty Plugs; yes they are definitely the World's Finest ear plugs."
- Daria - Australia