Mighty Plugs - World's Finest Sound Blocking & Waterproof Earplugs

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ONE "GREAT" Earplug

    For ( All ) Ages

  • • Made in USA, Pure (Natural Beeswax)
  • • Highest NRR 34 ( Sound Blocking )
  • • Especially ( Soft & Moldable )
  • • 100% Total ( Waterproof Sealing )
  • • Super *Value* Wear Each Pair 40 times
  • • Pay With DebitCredit Cards or  PayPal

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Wall Street Journal Review

Our Community Is Worldwide

They arrived yesterday to us in Australia and tried them straight away. Wow! They are superb - with total sound blockout. Sure beats all of those foam products! My wife & I have a holiday booked in a noisy hotel in Honolulu and will appreciate these plugs. Thank you so much for such an effective, genuine product.

Geoff & Carolyn Shaw - Australia

I am a newlywed, and my husband snores horribly. I've tried everything to block out his snoring so I could sleep in the same room. I've tried an endless variety of over-the-counter earplugs that never fit, never block sound, and are irritating to wear. Nothing worked until yours. I am pleased to say that I no longer hear him. You truly have saved my marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mendy Adams - USA

I have been using your ear protection for the last two years and I believe them to be the best on the market. I’ve tried every type available, including custom made ear plugs. Nothing does a better job than your "World’s Finest Earplugs"...they indeed live up to their name. I even managed to sleep under the flight path of East Midlands Airport during the British Moto GP.

Marc Millar - UK

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