Our comfortable earplugs block out snoring, city sounds, and other noises in the night.

Start waking up refreshed.
When you live in a busy city or sleep next to a snorer, getting a full night's rest can be hard. You wake up the next morning feeling groggy or hungover. It can be especially difficult if you're sensitive to sounds. To be at your best every day, your body needs a full night of undisturbed sleep.
Why Should I Use Mighty Plugs?
Mighty Plugs uses the natural ingredients of pure beeswax and achieves "phenomenal sound blocking" with soft moldable comfort that one hardly feels the ear plugs. With Mighty Plugs, you will block out your partner's snoring! They stay securely in the ear, and are perfect for wearing "all day" or "all night" long.
Directions For Use
It's easy to use Mighty Plugs. Simply rub or knead the earplugs between your fingers and warm them up. If they are too large, you can pinch off a piece of material. Place them in your ear and press to make sure they are sealed.
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What Our Worldwide Customers Say
"Your claims are accurate! I live on a student campus with 12,000 hard-partying students who scream and shout all night and play the most horrible music imaginable! As soon as I put in your earplugs, blissful silence until my alarm goes off the next morning. I'm ordering more and will continue to order as long as I live on this campus!" Thank you, So Grateful!"
- Debbie G - Slovakia
"These ear plugs are brilliant. I live in an area with busy traffic and they completely block out the noise of it. I have already recommended the ear plugs to other friends who are having problems sleeping because of noise. I'm also using them for swimming and they are just as effective keeping water out of my ears and are much more comfortable than the usual ear plugs for swimming. Thank You. Wow, Mighty Plugs; yes they are definitely the World's Finest ear plugs."
- Daria - Australia
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