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Travel Pack - (2) Pairs in a case
Travel Pack - (2) Pairs in a case
Travel Pack - (2) Pairs in a case
Travel Pack - (2) Pairs in a case
Travel Pack - (2) Pairs in a case

Travel Pack - (2) Pairs in a case

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Blended from pure beeswax and sterile cotton, Mighty Plugs are the world's finest earplugs for sleeping, working, swimming, and shooting. They are the "highest" rated NRR34 earplugs for blocking-out sound and for sealing-out water. They're perfect for all ages, infants to adults. Mighty Plugs are ( soft and moldable ), and whether one has small or large ears, upon insertion, they easily form to fit everyone's individual ear canal.

The Mighty Plugs Travel Pack (Two Pairs):

    • OUTSTANDING *Value*-Wear each pair 25 to 30 times.

The natural ingredients used in Mighty Plugs make them easily moldable to fit any size ear. Take (one) ear plug at a time and simply (rub or knead-it) between your fingers or hands for about (20 seconds), or until it becomes (soft & moldable). Then using your index finger, (push & flatten) the ear plug (a bit firmly), IN &  AGAINST your ear opening ( until you feel a good SEAL )

For children and those with smaller ear canals, you can simply pinch off a little of the material and insert a smaller ear plug, Being (All Natural), they're created to be worn for long periods, whereby they'll stay securely in place; even when in water.

Mighty Plugs are made of pure beeswax, sterile cotton, and purified lanolin.

We want you to be satisfied with your earplugs, yet if you have questions about using them, or if for any reason you are not satisfied with them, you may return them within 30 days from the date of purchase. In order to qualify for a refund, the complete pack with all the earplugs and case must be returned. Shipping and Handling charges are non-refundable. Customers are responsible for all mailing containers and postage fees.