Our Soft All-Natural Earplugs Are Moldable To Fit Smaller Ears
Mighty Plugs for Children
Made From Natural Ingredients
Our ears are one the of most important parts of our body. Many kids and babies are born with sensitive ears. Loud noises or water can cause pain and even damage. It's important to keep our children's ears safe and prevent damage from water or hazardous sounds. It essential to find an earplug that fits securely in small ears and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods.
Why Should I Use Mighty Plugs?
Mighty Plugs uses natural ingredients like pure beeswax to keep your child's ears and skin safe. It's made of soft and moldable material to fit all sizes of ears. It seals the ear canal so completely that water is totally blocked out from getting in. The thickness of the earplug prevents loud noises from having a damaging effect. Regardless of the size of ear, it easily forms to your child's ear canal for a perfect custom fit.
Directions For Use
It's easy to use Mighty Plugs. Simply rub or knead the earplugs between your fingers and warm them up. If they are too large, you can pinch off a piece of material. Place them in your child's ear and press to make sure they are sealed.
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What Our Worldwide Customers Say
"I bought these for my 17 year old non-verbal Autistic daughter, bath time has always been stressful for both of us because she can not stand the sound of running water. I helped her put them in the first time, after that she is happily doing it on her own and bath time is going a lot faster with less stress since she is not holding her fingers against her ears the whole time. It's a minor miracle, could not be happier. Thank you."
- Heather Clark - USA
"I am a return customer. There are no earplugs I have found that keep the water out of my son's ear than these & he has grommets so its really important. Highly recommend."
- Beth - Australia
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