About Mighty Plugs - World's Finest All Natural Earplug


About Mighty Plugs

At Beneficial Products,  we are dedicated to providing a  "Real"  ear plug that " Does The Job "
and is
( Beneficial For All Humanity )

The Ear Plug Industry is comprised of manufacturers that produce ear plugs mainly derived from 2 chemically based sources; Foam, Foam, More Foam and Silicone. In 1996; we saw a need for something different, something better; and we introduced earplugs made from pure beeswax. Pure (Natural) Beeswax is a "phenomenal" sound blocking, total water sealing pure wax, that even "nurtures" human skin.

To keep our ears and skin safe, we decided to go with organic natural ingredients; instead of chemicals. We’re supportive about making an eco-friendly, ultra-high blocking earplug, that not only protects our ears & hearing from hazardous sounds, like loud machinery, loud snoring, loud music & gunfire; but an earplug that can totally (seal-out) water as well.

Many of our customers use our earplugs for long periods throughout the day and night, so we made them to be especially soft & comfortable, while staying securely in the ear. The beeswax, cotton, and lanolin make the earplugs moldable and easy to customize and fit any size ear canal, from infants to adults.

We're committed to bringing you Peace and Quiet by providing you with the Best Sound-Blocking, Most Comfortable earplug on the planet.

We're equally committed to bringing you the Security of Sealing Out Water 100% with the Finest Sealing earplug on the planet.

The past twenty-five years our community has grown from our small hometown of Ashland, Oregon to now in over 75 countries worldwide. We’re thankful for those who’ve supported us through the years and helped us get this far. We're sincerely grateful, for we know that we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank You for supporting this "Truly Fine" Ear Plug.