About Us and About Mighty Plugs

About Mighty Plugs
The Ear Plug Industry is comprised of manufacturers that produce ear plugs derived from mainly 2 chemically based sources; Foam, Foam, Foam, More Foam and Silicone.

Made here in Oregon, USA since 1996; we have been continually improving on what is now universally regarded as the BEST  (SOUND BLOCKING & MOST (TOTAL SEALING) Moldable Ear Plug in the World. Made from the ALL NATURAL Organic ingredients of pure beeswax, sterile cotton & purified lanolin; this perfect blend has produced the finest, most  efficient earplug ever made. It is especially effective because Beeswax, being ( A Natural Wax ), is a magnificent (sound suppressing) phenomenon. With just a little (kneading) this Beeswax ear plug  becomes soft & moldable. Upon insertion, it forms-to the ear canal, seals it, & blocks out SUPERBLY.

Regarding the size of the ear plug to insert:

Adults and children with smaller ear canals, can simply pinch off the right amount of material to make a smaller ear plug that fills their ear canal & seals it; while those with larger ear canals, can simply combine the ear plugs to make a larger ear plug that fills and seals their ear perfectly. For swimmers, bathers & those with major & minor ear problems, this magnificent (total sealing) ear plug *completely* protects the inner ear by sealing-out water 100% .

Especially REUSABLE !!   Mighty Plugs are without question "The Best Value" for the money because each pair can be worn from 30 times and more; & they'll even last on the shelves (for years).

Since 1997, our re-order rate has been consistently over 99.9999%, confirming our customer's appreciation for our fine product.

We are committed to bringing you Peace and Quiet by providing you the *Best Sound-Blocking*, *Most Comfortable* ear plug on the planet.

We are committed to bringing you the Security of Sealing-Out Water 100%, by providing you with the *Finest Sealing* ear plug on the planet.                    

We want to be completely "transparent", so please feel free to send us your review, whether it is positive or negative. We openly publish ALL reviews through "Trustpilot", a most unbiased, non partial review service.

We thank you for placing your TRUST in us & supporting our fine product!