Our powerful sound-blocking earplugs will protect your hearing while at work.

Perfect for construction or factory settings.
People who work in construction or factories are often surrounded by noisy machinery and environments. Most workspaces produce over 90 decibels of sound. To unprotected ears, any noise level over 80 decibels can lead to permanent damage. Many companies will give their workers foam earplugs to use, but these earplugs don't block out all levels of sound.
Why Should I Use Mighty Plugs?
With a high Noise Reduction Rating of 34, Mighty Plugs are able to effectively reduce any level of noise. They're made to provide maximum protection to the wearer while being as comfortable as possible. The stickiness of the beeswax and lanolin keeps the earplugs securely in the ear for long periods. Whether you have small or large ears, Mighty Plugs can be customized to fit perfectly in the ear canal.
Directions For Use
It's easy to use Mighty Plugs. Simply rub or knead the earplugs between your fingers and warm them up. If they are too large, you can pinch off a piece of material. Place them in your ear and press to make sure they are sealed.
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What Our Worldwide Customers Say
"Hey World's Finest Ear Plug people. You guys made a winner. I'm in construction and after listening to this compressor all day, my ears were starting to ring like tinitus. It was driving me nuts. At first I wasn't sure, I wanted to try them first to see if they would work, so I got your 2-pair pack. I like the way they seal and stay in the ear. Hey, they really block out alot of sound. Just wanted to tell you, my hear- ing is back and the ringing stopped! Thanks a whole lot."
- Bud Burrell - USA
"My god these earplugs are the best I have ever used. I originally bought them to wear when I rode my motorcycle but have since started wearing them at work. I am in the construction business which is usually a very loud environment. These earplugs are vastly superior to any other hearing protection I have used over the years. The extreme comfort, durability, customization and protection these earplugs provide at the price is unparalleled. This earplugs rock!"
- Joe Hobbs
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