The Ultimate Earplugs for Concert-Goers

Block Out The "Harmful" Frequencies.
Did you know an average music concert easily produces 120 decibels of sound? That's really damaging to unprotected ears. Mighty Plugs use the natural ingredients of pure beeswax to block out the "harmful frequencies" and allow in every note to be heard clearly! Being (soft and moldable), they can easily be shaped to fit any ear size and worn for long periods. Let'em "crank it up" No worries!!!!
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Mighty Plugs Travel Pack
Travel Pack - 2 Pairs
Take Mighty Plugs with you on-the-go and enjoy a show without damaging your ears. Made from soft material, they perfectly fit any ear size and are so comfortable you may not even feel them.

  • On Sale: $24.95  $17.00
Mighty Plugs Personal Pack
Personal (6) Pack - 6 Pairs
The Personal Pack is a lower cost per pair and comes with 6 pairs of reusable, music-safe earplugs. They'll block out all the "harmful frequencies" and allow in every note to be heard clearly!

  • On Sale: $39.95  $25.00
Mighty Plugs Value Pack
BEST "VALUE" Pack - 12 Pairs
With "BEST VALUE" Pack, (the lowest cost per pair), you get (12 pairs) of reusable, long lasting earplugs at the "lowest" price. Wear each pair 25 to 35 times. It's the "Best Value" of any & all ear plugs in the world today!!!

  • On Sale: $49.95  $35.00
Mighty Plugs Family Pack
Large "Family" Pack - 32 Pairs in 32 Boxes
Get Mighty Plugs for the whole family, friends, co-workers or for your employees. It makes a great "counter display" in your store, and the "perfect gift" for birthdays and holidays. Made from the purest natural beeswax, our earplugs go beyond just music and concerts. They're perfect for work, swimming, sleeping, shooting and life.

  • On Sale: $259.95  $180.00
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What Our Worldwide Customers Say
"I used these at burning man which is a 24/7 art and music festival and I slept right through it all. Absolutely amazing!"
- Lindsay
"These earplugs are the best I've ever used. We go to a lot of music festival's and these plugs keep all the noisy sounds out. Thank you!"
- Lisa Long
Our Earplugs Go Beyond Just Music
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