Swimming--Diving--Surfing--Bathing + 100% Waterproof

*Mighty Plugs*

happy baby playing in water with ear plug in ear
happy baby playing in water with ear plug in ear

(ALL NATURAL) BEESWAX EAR PLUGS: Reusable (35) & more wearings per pair, mouldable to the ear. Especially Comfortable 100% Sealing! & Best Of All: (WATER CANNOT ENTER)!

DOCTOR APPROVED TO PREVENT SWIMMER’S EAR:  Ideal use with ear tubes, myringotomy, myringotomy tubes, perforated eardrums, otitis media, and otitis externa.

CUSTOM SIZE EVERY TIME: All ear plugs are sized for adults; simply pinch off a smaller amount to fit in children's ears.

More About *Mighty Plugs*:

  • This magnificent moldable ear plug SEALS the ear canal 100%, & stays in the ear securely at all times.
  • Mighty Plugs are a wise choice for infants, small children, & all adults with small or large ear canals.
  • Mighty Plugs are your Best Value, for they are re-usable over and over and over again!
  • For showering or in lakes, rivers, oceans and pools; always Wear *Mighty Plugs*; It Keeps Water Out! You'll be (grateful) that you wore them

  • Made from "Pure Beeswax" & "Sterile Cotton", they deliver to the wearer the "Most" Total Waterproof Seal of any ear plugs ever produced!!!
  • Pure Beeswax, a "Natural Wax" phenomenon, is "Perfectly Compatible" with skin and especially pleasant to wear
  • With 35-40 wearings per pair and Free Shipping Worldwide, they are unquestionably, the "BEST VALUE" of any ear plug in the world today!!!
  • You'll be grateful you found us! It's a Win/Win/Win for All !!!
  • See The Four (4) Pack Sizes Below.
  • Recent Testimonials

    ...tried many other products before these, just brilliant

    "Love this product, I would not be able to go swimming without them. Due being extremely prone to getting ear infections. Been using for many years and there is nothing better that exists, tried many other products before these, just brilliant... Thank you"

    Mark Widdowson - UK

    Your product allowed me to experience my dream

    "I have ventilation tubes in my ears and had dreamed of surfing my entire life. I finally did that on my honeymoon this past January. I had NO problems with the ear plugs and they didn't shift or allow ANY water into my ears! I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your product and I've recommended it to our local swimming store "Swim and Sports", in Mississauga, Ontario. Your product allowed me to experience my dream. Thank you so much"

    Sue Sitki - Canada


    ...numb to most claims, but you indeed make "the BEST ear plugs in the world"

    "B.P., THANK YOU!!!! I am a swimmer and have been for 30 years, 60 minutes a day. I have suffered through (swimmer's ear) numerous times; sometimes with considerable pain. Your ear plugs are a wonder! With all the hype that surrounds most products, one becomes numb to most claims, but you indeed make "the BEST ear plugs in the world", and I THANK YOU"

    Peter Bice - USA

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