Wholesale Mighty Plugs

Made here in Oregon, USA since 1996; we have been continually improving on what is now universally regarded as the BEST BLOCKING & MOST TOTAL SEALING Moldable Ear Plug In The World. Made from the NATURAL Organic ingredients of pure beeswaxsterile cotton & purified lanolin; this perfect blend has produced the finest, most  efficient earplug ever made.

With our distribution network in 55 Countries, we offer a wonderful wholesale program for retail outlets such as sporting goods stores, gun shops, swimming and dive shops, music stores, machine shops, motorcycles sales and repair, speedways, wholesale distributor outlets and various associated clubs.

For those companies having their own labels, we'll gladly insert your labels in our boxes as a way of offering an excellent private label program.


For more information, contact us today:
 By Phone:  +1 800-226-1884
By Email: earpluginfo@earplugsonline.com 
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